Product Mixtures and Specifications

Discover the versatility of Greensoils Cocopeat Discs and Pellets, expertly designed for the needs of today’s growers. Made from finely processed coco peat and compressed under variable pressures, these products are the perfect blend of convenience and performance.

Specially crafted for seedling growth and flower nurseries, our discs and pellets are in high demand in both horticulture and commercial agricultural sectors. They’re also popular with domestic and hobby growers, offering a compact, effective solution for diverse gardening needs.

Versatile and Convenient

Expertly designed discs and pellets, perfect for seedling growth and flower nurseries

Popular Choice

In high demand across horticulture, commercial agricultural sectors, and among hobby growers

Customizable Forms

Available in various packing forms and material mixes to suit specific requirements

Eco-Friendly Production

Made from renewable coconut byproducts, reducing reliance on peat moss and carbon footprint

Eco-Conscious Choice

Made from renewable coconut husks, helping to reduce reliance on peat moss and carbon footprint