Product Mixtures and Specifications

Introducing Greensoils Cocopeat 25 KG Bags – a revolutionary step in sustainable growing mediums. Professionally processed from natural coco peat and coco chips, these bags are compressed under a 2:1 ratio, striking a perfect balance between convenience and performance.

Our Cocopeat 25 KG Bags offer a breakout volume customized to cater to your specific gardening needs. Popular among potting media manufacturers, the 4 cubic feet bags become an immediate favorite with its handy size and impressive capacity. They’re not just popular in commercial gardening, but also find extensive applications in landscaping, golf course preparations, and soil conditioning sectors.

Customizable Volume

Compressed at a 2:1 ratio, offering breakout volumes tailored to specific gardening needs


Approximately 25kg per bag, prepared and ready-to-use right out of the packaging

Versatile Applications

Ideal for commercial gardening, landscaping, golf course preparations, and soil conditioning

Optimal Growing Conditions

Exceptional water retention, neutral pH, excellent aeration, and drainage support healthy plant growth


Made from renewable coconut byproducts, reducing dependence on non-renewable peat moss, lowers carbon footprint